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Active@ Partition Recovery
Knowledge Base: Questions & Answers

Technical Questions

  1. What does it mean when I receive the "Partition overlapped" message when recovering a partition?
  2. What does it mean when I receive the "Not ready for recovery" message when recovering a partition?
  3. How do I delete an invalid partition or a logical drive?
  4. How do I mark the partition being recovered as Active?
  5. Will software be able to recover the partition located on RAID disk array in Windows 2008 Server?
  6. Does Active@ Partition Recovery support dynamic disks?
  7. Does Active@ Partition Recovery support 64-bit operating systems?
  8. Can I create a Bootable Disk with Active@ Partition Recovery?
  9. How can I be sure that I'm recovering a proper partition? Can I preview my files before recovery?
  10. Will your software work with SCSI disk drives?
  11. After restoring a partition, trying to access the drive causes an error D: is not accessible
  12. After recovering a partition, I can see the files and folders in Partition Recovery but Windows is still not able to see the contents
  13. I've created an image of my damaged drive, now what can I do to restore my partition?
  14. The Active@ Boot Disk bootable media is not booting up my system after I've selected the correct Boot Priority. It either sits at a blank screen or just tries to boot up from my hard drive. What can I do?
  15. Will using the FixMBR option lose any of the data that I am trying to recover?
  16. Why after successful volume restore to another disk the volume isn't accessible by OS? "Access denied" issue

General Sales & Customer Support Questions

  1. How can I get an update to the latest version of Active@ Partition Recovery?
  2. May I try the software before purchasing it?
  3. What is the difference between an "update" and an "upgrade"?
  4. How do I register my copy of the software?
  5. How do I get an invoice of my purchase?
  6. May I use a purchased copy of the software on a second computer?
  7. I have lost the CD-Key/Serial number for the software, what should I do?
  8. Do you charge sales/VAT tax?
  9. I have a sales question. How do I contact you?
  10. What are your phone sales hours?
  11. How are my products shipped?
  12. Do I receive a boxed product, CD and/or printed manuals?
  13. How much is shipping?
  14. What kind of payment methods do you accept?
  15. We would like to place a Purchase Order? Is this possible?
  16. How long does it take to get my product?
  17. Where do I get technical support for my product after purchase?
  18. After purchasing the software, I see a message "Key is invalid". What to do?

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