Active@ Partition Recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery
Customer Testimonials:

I destroyed one of three partitions on one of my hard drives. When you looked at the drive with window tools it only showed a "RAW Drive" with no files in that partition.
I purchased your "Active Partition Recovery - Enterprize version software" and use the Partition Recovery to reestablish the NTFS file structure which allow me to see all of the folders and files with your program.
Then I switched to the "Active File Recovery" software included in the original software purchase. With the file recovery software I was able to copy all 62 gbytes of folders and files to a back up drive. In checking the newly written folders and files on the back up drive all of the data seems to be there and works correctly.
Your software package " Active Partition Recovery Enterprize" saved all of my 62 gbytes of data when I though I had lost every thing. Thank you so very much for the great software which is very easy to use and really gets the job done.

Bill A., Raleigh, NC

Just a quick note to tell you this software rocks! I accidently changed the MBR on an exfat formatted drive (sometimes I just hate Windows). I knew everything was still there, but Easus and Acronis demos weren't showing me what I knew to still be there. I tried two or three packages before I stumbled on yours and yours was the only one that offered a simple solution. I'd used Easus years ago, but this time it didn't do the job. Your Partition Recovery Software identified everything correctly after a very quick scan. Five minutes later, after purchasing your software, all was restored. Thank you.

Jeff Baggett, Wisconsin, US

Accidentally deleted the partition on a full 2Tb (1.79 Tb) drive which represents more than a years worth of data acquisition and no backup. Suffice to say, to lose that data would be catastrophic. Your software recovered that partition in less than ten minutes and all the data with it. AMAZING! You saved my butt. Your work is worth every penny I spent on it. Count me as an exceptionally satisfied customer. THANKS!!
Best wishes,

Jeff Schlenker, Longville, MN, US

Thanks!!!! I've tried many software to restore my disk's partition but only Active@ Partition Recovery manage to find all of them. Fixing MBR was very easy using your User Guide and now I've all my data back. Thanks a lot!
Alessio, Italy

Hey Guys, just bought your software to try it on a terabyte HDD I accidentally deleted the partition on whilst doing a fresh Win 7 installed on a new drive. Got confused with disk sizes and blew away the wrong partition. The drive was full of hundreds of GB of photos and videos. Active@ Partition Recovery Enterprise 6.0 is freaking awesome!! It worked a treat and we got it all back in a jiffy. This software is worth its weight in gold. Serious kudos to you guys. Brilliant software. So glad I bought it. Cheers,
Stu, United Kingdom

I would like to express my gratitude to the team behind the Partition Recovery software. While updating to a new Operating System I accidentally deleted the partition on my external hard drive during the Windows Installation. The external drive included months of work data as well as other important personal data. With the help of the Active@ Partition Recovery software I was able to completely restore the deleted partition. Thank you, purchasing this product was one of the best investments I've made in a while
Peter V.

it works perfectly thank you for !! I'm pleased to use your software : active partition recovery for windows it's the best soft i ever seen in my life for his simplicity and efficiently : THANK YOU!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I thought I had lost my 1TB ext. drive after deleting the partition by mistake. I got all my data back, my customized folders and I could breath again ;) Excellent Product worth the $$
Michal S.

Active@ Partition is the very best recovery software out there for this level. A tech shop without this quality of recovery software is like a repair garage with plastic toy wrenches. I'm happy to reinvest again and upgrade to the next generation.
Shawn R.

Hats off to this software. you guys are really great... I suddenly deleted my logical drives by mistake which contained 4 partitions of total 172 GB... this software recovered those 4 partitions and kept files intact... many many thanx...
Arunasish G.

Thanks to your software Active@ Partition Recovery, I was able to successfully restore accidentally overwritten partitions. The GUI was relatively easy to understand, given my experience at this level is minimal and when I did something that was not quite correct, the popups did a reasonable job explaining what I had done wrong. The help files are also well written. Certainly saved me a heck of a lot of grief recreating this disk as the image I had taken with another brand of software had become corrupt over a period of time. Great product and at a reasonable price. Will definitely recommend to others.
Ross H, Hobart, Australia

I know you get compliments all the time, I have been in IT for a long time and generally I download a full version of any program first because so many times they promise to do the intended job but fail when you actualyl buy it.. I downloaded a full version of yours tried it and it recovered a customers HDD after not only the 256 GB partition had been deleted but he had resized it to 756gb first then relising his mistake deleted it !! Your software not only found it restored the partition but i was able to put it straight back into his machine and it booted without any problems. Anyways thought i would let you know that i went and bought the Enterprise version for myself which I rarely find software that lives upto its promises and are worth buying ! Congrats on a solid product !
Trevor Watson

I accidentally trashed the partition table of my backup disks, which held my only copy of all my data at the time. Your software was able to recover the partition table and save all of my data with no loss at all. I can't express how thankful I am. Worth it at ten times the cost.
Derrick Coetzee Berkeley, California

Great software! Just saved me an evening of Exchange server rebuilding. For the record, it works on iSCSI SAN volumes in a Hyper-V cluster, too! Very cool.
Gregory Eytcheson, Independence, KS